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Red Beti blood rage love

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Red Beti Theatre. Who is this Red Beti? Is she a ginger Betty and Veronica Betty? Betty Boop? Is the company founder named Beti? What does this name mean?

Red Betty an anglicization of

Red Beti the hindi meaning of

Beṭī (बेटी):—(nf) a daughter;—[denā] to give away one’s daughter in marriage (to).

Red beti is

Red Daughter.

Red symbolizes RAGE BLOOD LOVE

Three elements interwoven into the lives of all women

So who or what is a red daughter?

  1. BLOOD

Red Women have been known across cultures throughout time.

La Diablesse from Carib folklore makes a pact with the devil for eternal youth and transforms into a demon when she hunts her male prey.

The Red Woman is an ogress from crow folklore, a malevolent monster who mutilates and kills, using witchcraft to manipulate her victims.

In Ireland the Banshee heralds the death of a family member, one would recognize her from her striking red hair and eyes red from crying.


Men’s violence against women has often been justified by pointing at these witches as the cause for material loss, sickness, death of animals, infertility and drought. Throughout history women who chose to separate themselves from the dominant community, live apart and eschew social norms have been called witches, red women, sluts, feminists, scapegoating them for community ills as a justification for their abuse and murder.


Women are powerful. Patriarchy will always create narratives to keep women down and oppress us. How do we maintain our power in the face of this onslaught? At Red Betty we uplift women’s voices. We believe that putting decision making power and finances into the hands of women is a step in the right direction. We strongly believe in prioritizing the hiring and mentorship of young women in the Hamilton community. In the face of male aggression, bullying and strong-arming our female leadership believe in standing in solidarity and speaking up against that behaviour. We believe in calling-in. We believe in compassionate conversation. Above all we believe that the war against women is ongoing and that we must remain vigilant but that there is hope.

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