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Casting Call

Red Beti Theatre is looking for the following Actors for its upcoming reading of 3 different plays! The plays will be read at the 3rd Annual New Playwrights Festival “Decolonise Your Ears” during October 2023 at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton Ontario.


Play #1 - The Foreigner by Helen Belay



HENRY - a male in his late 20s, early 30s : a byronic idiot, and the region’s orphan duke.

CELESTE - seemingly a woman in her early 20s, actually centuries old : an orb of light from

space, turned woman. a student of humanity.

CHORUS (2 actors) - any and all ages : agents of magic, change and the world itself; also play every

other part than HENRY and CELESTE


Note from Playwright -  CELESTE, ideally, is cast as a Black actor, and if not Black, racialized. Diversity of gender and race are highly encouraged with the casting of the piece, period.


Play #2 - Nbwaachaa Nokomis by Danielle Boissoneau 




NOKOMIS –50+ is a quiet character who wears a long skirt with a flannel over top of a LAND BACK

tshirt. She wears a scarf over her head and tied under her chin. Nokomis wears moccasins with

unmatched socks. She carries a tea cup with her. Nokomis is Dawnis’s Grandmother.

DAWNIS –  18+ a modern Indigenous woman or two spirit person. Their hair is in braids. She wears

beautiful beaded earrings and a medicine pouch around her neck. She carries her cell phone

and a Bluetooth speaker.

Dancers – a few faceless dancers who move with kokum scarves in beautiful and dynamic ways.


Play #3 - After Prom by Jahnelle Jones


Trigger/content warning: mentions of suicide, death, and emotional/verbal abuse.



ALEX - 17 year old queer girl struggling with her mental health - BIPOC

YOUNG REESE - 18 year old closeted queer girl, supportive of her friend - Open Ethnicity

YOUNG SARAH - 18 year old girl whose a drama queen - White 

REESE - 28 year old queer woman - PHD Student and dealing with the grief of her friends death - Open Ethnicity

SARAH - 28 year old woman - Wealthy young mom who has spent a lot of time in therapy parsing through her issues - White


Sarah & Young Sarah and Reese & Young Reese are the same characters at different ages.


Key Dates

  • First Table Read with Actors (Zoom)

    • Oct 3rd 1pm - 4pm (After Prom)

    • Oct 4th 12pm - 3pm (The Foreigner)

    • Oct 5th 1pm - 4pm (Nbwaachaa Nokomis)

  • In-Person Rehearsal at Theatre Aquarius - Oct 15th - Oct 17th (Not all actors will be called all days, rehearsal schedule tbd, 7h call per show)

  • Tech Rehearsal - Oct 18th 10am - 6pm (Each show will be called for a 3-5 hour period in this time)

  • Public Readings, followed by talkbacks (7pm call time, 7:30 show)

    • Oct 19th 7:30pm - 10 pm (Nbawachaa Nokomis)

    • Oct 20th 7:30pm - 10pm (After Prom)

    • Oct 21st 7:30pm - 10pm (The Foreigner)


Based on DOT Tier 1 rates (Approx $400 per actor, per show - for 15 hours of rehearsal and one public presentation per actor) for workshop presentations. Some actors may be cast in more than one show, depending on the suitability of the actors for those roles. In all cases, we are seeking actors who, as closely as possible, align with the identities of the characters in the plays.


Actors interested in submitting are invited to contact Suchiththa Wickremesooriya at with your resume and character + play choices. Please indicate your CAEA status in your submission. The deadline for submissions is Sep 5th 2023 at 8am.

Casting Call

Red Beti Theatre presents The Devi Triptych Readings

The Devi Triptych is a reclamation of Goddess (Devi) Culture brought to audiences in a suite of 3 devised plays premiering in Hamilton, Ontario in 2025. There will be a 2-month workshop in summer of 2024, for which additional casting calls will be going out soon! While 2 of the 3 plays are musicals, actors will not be required to sing or dance for these readings. That said, we do encourage performers comfortable with Musical Theatre to submit for these readings as well.



Rehearsals in Hamilton - Nov 14 - Nov 16

Presentations Nov 17, 18, 19

All performers will be paid CAEA DOT Workshop rates for approximately 21 hours of rehearsal and 2 or 3 presentations (venue details pending).


Strongly encourage submissions from actors from the broader South Asian Diaspora, including Indo-Caribbean, Indo-African and Indo-Polynesian! 


3 Women 20 - 60 years (South Asian or otherwise Racialised)

1 Non-Binary / Trans performer 20-60 years  (IBPOC, South Asian preferred)

2 Men 20-60 years (South Asian)



These plays may be triggering. Content includes gender-based violence and intimate partner violence.


Please submit your headshot and resume to 

Deadline Sep 5 at 8am. 

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