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10th Anniversary
Podcast Series

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’ve adapted four of our most popular plays into radio dramas, all from award-winning playwright Radha Menon. Listen to these epic and absurd tales about family, connection, and home in June 2022.

This project is made possible by the Canada Council Digital Now Fund.

Image by Edwin Andrade

Red Beti Theatre’s 10th Anniversary Podcast Series cast includes:

Amanda Cordner
Shelly Antony
Sanskruti Maranthe
Anand Rajaram
Ellora Patnaik
Lisa Nasson

With special thanks to:
Haui Hinton-Davis
Jeremy Carver-James
Deena Azziz

“There’s no future. Only the past; crashing in, running rampant.

Like a runaway train.”


Directed by: Anand Rajaram

Dramaturgy by: Sasha Kovacs & Anand Rajaram

Sound Designer: Lyon Smith


Through the eyes of matriarch Rukmini, follow one South Asian family as they move across continents from the dawn of the industrial age to the present. In Rukmini’s Gold, get a snapshot of 20th century labour migration in this award-winning epic about family, history, and the things we value most. Available on June 6th wherever you get your podcasts. 


Winner, Sanhita Manch Playwriting Contest  (India), 2020

Finalist, Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Contest (India), 2020

Winner, Critic’s Choice Award 2015, Hamilton Fringe Festival, 2015

Winner, Toronto Fringe New Play Contest 2015

“Ladies and Gentleman, I promise you a show…”


Directed by: Alison Wong

Dramaturgy by: Aria Sharma

Sound Designer: Cesar Cordoba

Sound Mixing by: Omar Rivero


When couple Katie and Brenda set out to reconnect with Katie’s long lost father, they’re searching for answers from her past and a new outlook for the future. But when the reunion doesn’t go as planned, she’s left searching for answers to a family mystery leads to a cosmic intervention and a chance at redemption. . Listen to The Circus, a play that lets you explore the wildness in your heart that lets you run away with the circus, available on June 13, wherever you get your podcasts.


When is the right time to die? If you could choose, when would you go?”


Directed by: Nikki Shaffeeullah

Sound Designer: Olivia Wheeler


In a not-so-distant dystopian future, when sisters Mena and Ganga move to a remote cannabis plantation in South America, they think they’ve found the solution to ease Mena’s Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. But after a fast-talking interloper stumbles into their world and their weed crop is stolen, they’re left dealing with the pain of life and confronting the fear of letting go. Listen to Ganga’s Ganja, a story of dealing with the pain of life and confronting the fear of letting go on June 20th, wherever you get your podcasts.

Finalist, Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition 2013


“This is a new age. An age of washing machines. Who cares if the washerwoman ran away?”


Directed by: Asha Vijaysingham

Dramaturgy by: Heather Brown

Sound Designer: Heidi Chan


When Isabelle returns from England to India, she has big plans for the banana plantation she used to call home; parties, tennis courts, and all the luxuries of the upper-class modern woman. But with her property overrun with monkeys from the neighbouring convent, superstitious servants, and the wrath of an Aghori guru, can her brand-new washing machine help remove the stains from her past?  Listen to this story of religion, class, and the truths we can never escape. Available on June 27th.


Finalist, Woodward/Newman International Playwriting Prize 2012


Production Team

Trailer Sound Design and Mixing: Samira Banihashemi 

Producer: Antonio DaSilva

Post-Production Producer: Rose Hopkins

Social Media Coordinator: Kit Simmons

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