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Mentorship with RBT

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In December 2020 I had the chance to shadow Red Beti Theatre’s lovely Artistic Producer Claire Burns from the development to the live stream of “Decolonise Your Ears”. Each show was a success and told a remarkable story.

Working for a theatre company in the midst of a global pandemic was not easy. There were many obstacles, especially when it came to pivoting our plans. The challenges we faced were definitely out of the ordinary as we struggled to find alternative solutions for our live performances. We decided to take the most appropriate and safe step we could, hosting the show online which changed everything.

I was fortunate enough to experience my mentorship during one of the hardest times we were now living in. Claire was great at coaching me through our work together and I left with more knowledge--in terms of adapting original ideas to newer ones which would later serve our audience, sponsors and partners more efficiently.

Covid-19 really pushed the digital era when it came to working from home, completing school online and everything else requiring a computer. Through this experience I can say I learned more than what I was expecting which will definitely help me in the long run for my future work. Thanks Red Beti!

Narika's mentorship was made possible through the generous support of the Hamilton Community Foundation


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