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Red Beti Theatre has welcomed and centred IBPOC voices in Hamilton, Ontario through vibrant storytelling and theatrical presentations since 2011. There’s a clue about our name in our logo if you can read Hindi: lal beti - red daughter. Red for rage, and blood, and love. These three elements fuel women - forgotten women, shunned girls, outsiders daring to question patriarchal dominance while subverting beliefs that set women and girls up to be accessories, impediments, or glorified servants.

Red Beti Theatre supports marginalized women’s voices. As the first IBPOC feminist theatre company in Hamilton, Red Beti Theatre plays a vital role by making space for ‘other’ voices to grow and be heard. There’s room for everyone.


2022-2023 Programming

Our Core Values


We place IBPOC women’s stories at the forefront of the curatorial process, and work with IBPOC Artistic and Design Teams to create and implement work culture policies that support transparency, accountability, and care.


We value our theatre and arts community in Hamilton; we aim to serve the community by creating jobs, discussion, and politically charged art that demands evolution from the status quo.


Inspired by the colourful, dynamic and bold tradition of rich textiles woven by women globally, we are determined to bring vibrant, entertaining, dramatic, and explosive art to the stage.


We believe that mentoring younger generations is integral to the development of our community and consistently work with younger artists and administrators to support paid on the job training.


Our company was born out of a need for founding Artistic Director, Radha Menon, to have her work produced- as a woman of colour in Hamilton- in the late 2000s, as Radha was prevented access to all mainstream companies. Her resilience and the tenacity of countless other marginalized artists has propelled the performing arts sector in Canada to evolve into the more inclusive ecology we see today.

Community Impact

Red Beti Theatre creates experiences that take audiences on unpredictable journeys that are inspiring, exciting and intriguing. Our productions are critically acclaimed and have been included in The View Magazine’s annual Best of Theatre column from 2012 to the present. While we consider Hamilton, Ontario our home base, our productions have been presented throughout the province and for global audiences online.

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Accessible Ticket Prices

We are committed to maintaining low ticket prices for all our events to ensure parity and create access for community members from all economic brackets.

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